We Love Helping Businesses Become a Big Success

Our Story

San Diego Payment Processing started from a long standing retail business. Matt Gardner, owner of three retail stores at the beach, grew increasingly frustrated with processing fees that seemed out of his control. After years of self education and endless calls with merchant services companies Matt learned how to take control of his services, fees, solutions, upgrades and much more. Then it occurred to him, why not help other business owners with a dedicated solutions based approach focusing on advocacy for your business and it’s future growth. That is when Matt Gardner founded San Diego Payment Processing.

Why choose us?

Abandoning the model of sales agent separate from customer service department Matt believes that the same person who is helping to build and sell a credit card processing account should also be the same person who helps with implementation, employee training, problem solving and future growth. And instead of focusing on selling one product from one processing company, this approach is different. “We act as a broker of services, ensuring we are finding the right fit for your business at the lowest possible price. We make the processors fight for your business where you are now in control.” There is no one solution that’s perfect for every business. That’s why we offer a myriad of payment terminals, online payment gateways, software and hardware solutions that are hand selected and perfect for the way you like to do business. Do you need to invoice customers while also taking payments over the phone? No problem. Do you need a touch free in-store terminal while also having the flexibility of taking payments over your smart phone? We have solutions for that too.

" It is our goal to save you as much money as possible, and there are many ways to do that while still giving you the solutions and services you can count on to run your business. "